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Regolamentazione, or the regulation system of prostitution, was established in 1861, with. "70,000 Prostitutes in Italy". An 1859 decree,. This was a heavily gendered debate. While the age of consent is 14, paying to engage in sexual activities with teenagers between 14 and 17 years old, regardless of consent, is a crime punished with imprisonment from one to six years. 20 Dealing with immigration edit Originally proposed by international agencies, and approved by the European

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Union in 1996, the cause of protecting migrant prostitutes was taken up in Italy by Maria Paola Colombo Svevo ( PPI President of Irene, an NGO, and by other Catholic.

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Legal status edit Prostitution is legal (it is not mentioned in the Penal Code as such brothels and pimping are illegal. 5 Clients edit The shift in emphasis from workers to clients in 1994, when mayors ordered police to fine clients, was welcomed by Catholics and feminists. " fireflies while escorts are referred. Scope edit The bill is framed as an amendment to the Legge Merlin of 20 February 1958, No 75 by providing for penalties for the act of prostitution, solicitation, or availing oneself of sexual services in a place open to the public (Art. Single sex workers working from apartments are "tolerated".

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A frequent target has been the provisions of the Merlin Law that punish annen pillu thai hieronta kokkola those involved, of which Livia Turco was a prominent political voice. What remained legal was street prostitution, or independent prostitution done by a prostitute girl sex worker finland sexwork in their own home. 269 "Norme contro lo sfruttamento della prostituzione, della pornografia, del turismo sessuale in danno di minori, quali nuove forme di riduzione in schiavitu'.". Theoretical discourses edit The three main debates which have occupied the public, media, and policy makers are 5 Allowing victims of trafficking to treffit suomi fi päiväkahviseuraa seuranhakuilmoitukset stay in the country (see Immigration ) Criminalization of clients of prostituted children under 18 (see Underage workers ) Assisting sex workers. Under these powers, sex workers and clients have been subjected to ordinances that permit municipal police to administer fines. Parliament responded rapidly and the Penal Code was amended 51 to deal with sexual contact with minors or possession of child pornography with no opposition. 45 Carfagna believes it is necessary to combat trafficking. Estimates vary from 7 61 to 100 62 of migrant workers. Archived from the original on 9 November 2010. Il progetto Merlin e l'Italia degli anni Cinquanta, Rome, Carocci 2006. Leonini.(ed) Sesso in acquisto. So, the simple exercise of street prostitution could be no more persecuted by this kind of local bills. 55 In 2007 it was stated that the total number of workers was 70,000. Italian unification, modeled on the French Napoleonic system. "Rosi (PdL pugno duro contro i clienti delle prostitute". One feminist MP, Ersilia Salvato ( RC complained about the rushed legislation, and abstained. This debate occurred during meetings of a parliamentary commission into prostitution, where there were frequent references to under-age foreign prostitutes. It also provided that the shutters should always remain closed, which is the origin of the Italian expression "closed houses" ( case chiuse ). The requirement for denuciation in the original Dini decree was removed. A further amendment was the Legge Nicotera of 1891. 59 60 In that report only Spain was found to have such a high percentage of migrants in the trade, although most Western European countries reported a majority of workers were migrants. On this issue, Catholic organizations have been part of a hostile backlash to feminism, as is the fascist right.

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5 Underage workers (L. 8 One response of the local authorities in dealing with the problem was rescinding residence permits issued to foreign women found in the streets, and increased deportations of the clandestini. Confronto e riflessioni sulla prostituzione a partire da un punto di vista di donne (Proceedings of the Conference at Modena, 7 November 1998) Rome: Il pese delle donne, 1998. However, these forces led to the introduction of a new system in Italy that abolished regulation, but not prostitution as such. Amongst critics were the Comitato who objected to prostitution as something that women required to be protected from, without addressing stigmatization.

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Sybian avoin yliopisto kokkola EU citizens are subject to fines while non-EU citizens may be placed in detention centres and deported. Street prostitution and public policies in Milan. Marie Claire, 12 September 2008 "The Minister's message". 3.3 chiunque, essendo proprietario, gerente o preposto a un albergo, casa mobiliata, pensione, spaccio di bevande, circolo, locale da ballo, o luogo di spettacolo, o loro annessi e dipendenze o qualunque locale aperto al pubblico od utilizzato dal pubblico, vi tollera abitualmente la presenza.
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