Zinn was interviewed about both his WW2 experiences and his anti-war activities during the Vietnam War. John Eichaker 1980 Biographical Form, tape evaluation, interview summary/tape index, 1 photograph - Folder U 36 pp, transcript - 2 copies; 1 public; 1 on cd) 80 min. Interviewer: Georgette Diacumakos 1977 n/a 18 pp, transcript; Supplementary material: tape index, biographical material, testimonial letters, copies of certificates - (2 copies: 1 master; 1 public use) 1 hour, 15" No

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restrictions; See MdHS Permision to publish policy OH 8203 wilmer arthur dehuff (1888-1976) Principal. Plus extras have audible Canadian accents. Interviewer: John McGrain Octobr 4, 1972 n/a 10 pp, transcript; Supplementary material: correspondence. Doctor Strangelove, which asides from a plane en route to the ussr, is split between the War Room in DC and a base somewhere in the continental. Patriot Games : The highway that is supposed to be Route 50 in Maryland is clearly a freeway somewhere in Southern California. Vienna and the countryside around it doubles for Paris and the French countryside in The Three Musketeers (1993). OH 8465 william.

History of Sparrows Point and the steel company. A scene in Africa is actually New Mexico as the Ebola outbreak forced the filmmakers to abandon filming on location. The origin of the commission in 1962; definition of ecumenism; currentactivities; the Towson State University School of Theology; the value ofpersonal friendship among clergymen of different faiths; the possibility ofusing television and radio to promote interfaith understanding. Films about the Middle East used Central Asia or Azerbaijan as stand-ins. Interviewer: Leroy Graham 1976 n/a 28 pp, transcript; Supplementary material: Biographical material, interview evaluation, tape index, newspaper clippings - (2 copies: 1 master; 1 public use) 50 minutes No restrictions; See MdHS Permision to publish policy OH 8122 frieda coleman (1923-)  McKeldin-Jackson Project Employee.

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